January 1GAM – Yet Another Space Shooter

I’m participating in One Game a Month (1GAM). Its a open project where people all over the world agree to produce one game each calendar month. There’s no prizes or money involved. Its just a personal challenge. I recently completed an interactive Python programming course on coursera.org, game development essentially. I finished the course feeling inspired […]

Hello World

Hi. My name is Andrew. I’ve started this blog as a place to put technical stuff I’ve written or made. My wife and I run magictravelblog.com which is a travel blog. Its great and you should totally go there but it’s not a particularly suitable for talking about programming and software and for posting my […]

Wikis And Collaboration (And Moodle)

Giving students the opportunity to learn to work within a team is a recurring theme in many educational institutions. Collaboration is required in virtually all work places so schools and universities are always looking for opportunities to get students off the individual assessment treadmill and to embrace tasks that are more about “we” instead of […]

Moodle Email Configuration – Could Not Authenticate With Gmail

Today I realized that the Moodle installations on my laptop were not able to send email notifications. I have previously used the smtp (email) server of an Australian Internet service provider without any problem. One of the downsides of traveling through Asia is that you tend to see far more of the security precautions companies […]