Delete All My Docker Containers

Sometimes you need a clean slate and want to completely blow away your Dockerized dev dependencies. I recently had a little trouble genuinely clearing Docker containers containing a database and a message queue which I wanted completely fresh and empty. The following commands did the trick. docker-compose down -v docker system prune docker-compose up docker […]

What to do when you edit a C# table adapter and get hundreds of duplicate attribute errors

Today I ran into a rather bizarre problem that appears to be a bug in Visual Studio itself. It is always fun when the auto-magical functionality of Visual Studio breaks down. After editing a table adapter in a dataset I hit compile and was greeted with several hundred compilation errors all suggesting that I was […]

Fixing TypeError: Object #<Queue> has no method ‘replace’

While attempting to get Shifter to work on my laptop I ran into the following error. The fix is below. By day I am a humble Moodle developer. Moodle uses YUI Shifter to bundle up its Javascript. Shifter seems to work happily for everyone else but I am recording this here for when it next doesn’t work for […]

Rounding down is more complicated than I thought

Another day, another learning opportunity. While working on a platform game I noticed my characters movement was a little off. It was subtle but it seemed to move faster to the left than to the right… Very odd. I spent a few hours going through the movement code, debugging, experimenting, constructing theories about causes, disproving […]