October 1GAM – Endless Goblin

A while back I happened upon a great tutorial from Lost Decade Games about making a simple HTML 5 game. It’s a simple tutorial but I wanted to have a play with it to make sure I wasn’t missing anything obvious about this HTML 5 business.

A few days of sporadic tinkering later and I’ve got something mildly entertaining (I think). The code is completely unrecognizable. Basically all that remains is the hero, the goblin and the background graphics.

I called it Endless Goblin because, well, it needed a name and Endless Goblin struck me as kind of amusing.

It’s pretty crapulent as a game. It desperately needs some variety among the enemies and probably some pick ups. Different weapons and what not. The collision detection with the fireballs is also a little bit dicey. I do however now have a bit of a framework should I decide to come back and have a more serious go at making an “arena” style game.

Anyhow, I’ve probably talked it down enough. Play Endless Goblin

The git repository is at https://github.com/andyjdavis/EndlessGoblin

The fireball animation is from http://opengameart.org/content/fireball-spell

The explosion animation is from http://opengameart.org/content/explosion