Chinese Character Challenge – Update 1

After posting my Chinese character revision game on reddit I received some excellent feedback.

In the week since then I have been hard at work producing an updated version. Here is a link to the game for those that want to cut to the chase.

Note that I have further updated the game since writing this post and have now moved it to its own domain

Mandarin Mojo

First up, there are some things that remain undone.

1) Play an audio clip so you can hear the words. I simply haven’t gotten to this yet. I suspect it will be tricky but it is definitely on my to-do list.

2) Characters are randomly selected. There is no intelligence that prevents you from being asked about a particular character multiple times while another character gets missed.

3) Wrong answers are also randomly selected. There is no attempt to surround the correct answer with similar but incorrect characters.

4) The explosions flicker quite badly on Firefox despite displaying correctly in Chrome.

The following things are done.

1) You will now have an extra goblin in pursuit every 10 words/phrases. Hopefully this provides a little intensity boost as you progress.

2) A summary is provided of what you have got right and wrong. It simply lists every question in English, pinyin and the character(s) for you to look back on. Correct answers are in white, incorrect answers are in blue.

3) I changed the key you use to start your next round. This is to stop you accidentally starting a new round by already having your finger on the movement keys. Having a break between rounds is important now that there is the ability to look back on the question you got wrong.

4) Longer phrases were sometimes running off the edge of the game board. That should not happen anymore.

5) You can now choose to be supplied questions in English, pinyin or both.

6) Previously the same character would sometimes appear as both a correct and an incorrect answer. This should not happen anymore.

I think that is about it. Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂