How To Install Moodle ELIS 2.6

I recently had to install the shiny new version of ELIS, version, as part of my work with Moodle. For the previous version one of my coworkers kindly produced a single git repository that included both Moodle itself and ELIS. This time though I was on my own.

ELIS 2.6 sees the ELIS code converted into a set of plugins to make them easier to install. Sounds good. The only issue is that there doesn’t seem to be any documentation telling me exactly what plugins I require out of the large set of repositories available on the Remote Learner github account.

I will very likely have to install ELIS again at some point so, for the sake of saving myself some time in the future, here is the process.

#If you don’t have an existing Moodle installation
git clone elis
cd elis

#From within the Moodle directory
git clone local/eliscore
git clone local/elisprogram
git clone local/elisreports
git clone local/datahub

git clone blocks/elisadmin
git clone blocks/courserequest
git clone blocks/enrolsurvey

git clone enrol/elis

I’m not actually sure if all of these are actually required. I’m suspicious of some of the blocks if nothing else. I got the list of components from the Remote Learner forums and figured that I was better of having extra components rather than missing something I needed, getting mysterious errors and generally wasting time.