Mine Runner: The Prototype

Here is the prototype of my July One Game a Month project. I have tentatively named it “Mine Runner”. It’s a homage to two games. The well known Boulder Dash and the less well known FlaschBier.

For those of you who don’t know them this is Boulder Dash

And this is FlaschBier. I played this quite a bit on an Amiga 500 when I was a kid.

And this is the prototype version of my attempt at a similar game. There are only two levels. If you die it instantly reloads the level. There’s no sound as yet. The red squares are impassable. You will notice, I’m sure, that it is ugly as can be. The orange circles are boulders and will crush you if you venture beneath them.

It’s ugliness brings me to the point of this post. Previously I’ve either gone with free art found on the Internet or come up with project ideas that allowed me to get away without art. This time I’m wanting to try something different.

I’d like to find an artist to collaborate on this. I’m not offering any payment nor do I expect this to make any money. I feel like I’ve got a basic workable structure done but I need someone to help me make it look presentable. Plus I’ve never collaborated on a game before and this is as good a time as any to start.

Oh, also, level design. Currently there are only 2 levels and they’re not particularly great. It would be nice to have 20 or so. If the other half of team Mine Runner would be happy to help produce levels that would be awesome.

Level design is easy. Each level is an image. Each pixel represents one tile in the level. Blue for diamonds, grey for boulders, red for impassable stone and so on. Green will be monsters but they aren’t implemented yet. To edit a level you open the image in gimp or whatever, zoom way in and get editing. The game loads maps from the maps directory. It starts at 1.png, then 2.png and so on until it runs out of map files.

That’s pretty much it. Make nice graphics. Share level design. Help make it as awesome as it can be in the time available. I’d like to have it all done by mid July.

A little about me. Click here for my profile on One Game a Month. I’m also magictravelblog on reddit. Magic Travel Blog is a travel blog run by my wife and I. I’m a professional programmer although I’m a newbie at game development.

I’m happy to share 50% of any revenue, should there be any. I don’t expect that there will be. It would be nice to be able to see some examples of your work but I don’t care how experienced you are (or aren’t), how young or old you are or where you are in the world.

This is all an ongoing experiment. If either of us is unhappy at any point we can just walk away. Me with my code, you with your art. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Messaging me through reddit is probably the easiest way to get my attention if you’re interested.