Preferred Languages: PHP and Javascript but I know many more including C#.

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows.

Version Control: Git. I have previously used CVS, SVN and even Visual Source Safe but it is all Git these days.

Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, and Postgres.

CMS: WordPress and Moodle.

About Me

I am a broadly experienced software developer with many years of experience across a range of technologies and sectors. Over the years I have accumulated commercial experience in C++, Java and more recently, C#, PHP and Javascript.

After obtaining a computer science degree I immediately launched into the software industry. Initially working on software for managing satellite and aerial photography I have since worked on software for resource companies, and open source course management software. Along the way I helped write a content management system that hosted 27,000 websites, software to run credit checks on people and a host of other projects big and small.

Services Offered

Contract Software Development

Although I am primarily a PHP developer these days I am also competent in C#.

I am happy to discuss any project whether it be new software or bug fixing and enhancement of an existing system. Even if I am unable to provide development services myself I am happy to provide advice where I am able.

Core Moodle Bug Fixing

Are you being affected by a Moodle bug that does not seem to ever get fixed? With almost 500 resolved tickets I have extensive experience fixing bugs in Moodle core. I have plenty of experience moving issues through the integration process and getting fixes integrated into Moodle.

View my resolved tickets

Previous Employment

Although I am currently a contract developer and travel blogger I have held some proper jobs.

Moodle HQ

For almost six years I worked for Moodle HQ. Primarily I was a core developer fixing bugs, implementing new features, reviewing contributed code and generally assisting with the overall growth and health of the Moodle software. In the last six months I assisted with the running of, etc.

Affinity Software

Founded by myself and another individual Affinity Software created ComfyPage, a hosted PHP content management system designed to be exceptionally easy to use. At its peak we were hosting 27,000 websites. Affinity also created a business structure visualization tool implemented in C# and provided contract development services to a mixture of companies and government departments.

Industrial Software Solutions

I was a member of a team (which I ultimately came to lead) developing an application/data integration server called BabelFish Data Management Server and an in browser drag and drop web application development environment called BabelFish Portal.

Earth Resource Mapping

Member of the Image Web Server team. Image Web Server is a web based application used to view large (potentially multi terabyte) satellite and aerial images over a network. Think Google Earth but for people who shoot their own images.


My Github

Contact Me

If you have any questions I might be able to answer or want to discuss a project contact me using the below form.

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